Mid-Florida Pathology is a partner with all UnitedHealthCare products!

Dear Providers
Starting on April 15, 2015 United Health Care is launching the Beacon Laboratory Benefits Program. Only a limited number of laboratories have been selected to participate in this program and as of April 15th using a nonparticipating laboratory will result a claim rejection. Mid-Florida Pathology would like to inform our clients and also the local medical community that our laboratory is participating with the Beacon Program and we are accepting all United Health Care plans. For any question, supplies and specimen\pick ups please contact us directly at 352-460-0292.


Congratulations!!! You are on the list as a participating lab with Beacon LBS.  Here is how an ordering provider would find you.

1.       Enter the subscriber number (or last name, first name, and date of birth) and click Search Members.

2.       If not already defaulted, select the location and physician (provider) ordering the test

3.       Enter the diagnosis code(s)

4.       At the bottom, on the left, only Labs of Choice are shown.  To find a participating lab, click search.

5.       Click on Other Labs.

6.       If the member you used is a real UHC patient in Florida, your lab will show in the drop down list.  You will not show for fake patients

With best regards,

Martha Barnes  |  Training Specialist

Beacon LBS